Question of the Day: What Gives You Joy?

How to cultivate more joyful moments in your day
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As stated yesterday, I’m planning to provide a daily thought to spur reflection and provide a moment for you, dear reader, to get present with yourself. I will follow it with an example from my own life or an experience shared with me. You may want to contemplate the question or journal on it before reading on — the question may mean something different to you than the way it’s intended, which is perfectly okay!

What gives you joy? Is it a particular piece of music? Is it a flower in your garden? Is it talking to your best friend on the phone? Is it completing a project at work or at home? Is it a big thing or is it small? Are you even taking time to notice those things on a daily or hourly, basis?

Take a moment to list what springs joy in you. What makes your mouth curve into a smile? What makes your eyes wet with wonder? What makes you giddy from toes to tummy to top of your head?

Is your list long or short? Why do you think that is? And what DOES joy feel like in you? How do you recognize it? Does it accompany awe and/or wonder? Where do you sense it in your body?

I have been very fortunate to have lots of time over the past five plus years to consider the world around me and my place in it.

Many mornings when I’m outside with the dogs, I marvel at the stampede-like sound of the mini-schnauzer galloping from place to place.

When I walk by the gorgeous purple mountain hydrangea with the lacecap flowers, the colors make my eyes well up and take my breath away.

hydrangea photo by author

Later while the dogs are resting, the old boxer-mix’s tongue inevitably protrudes from his mouth as his lower front teeth have found themselves missing, and the cuteness of it brings me a smile and a head shake.

I was surprised by the textures and flavors of the cacao nibs and macadamia nut pieces sprinkled on the toasted coconut yogurt atop a mix of strawberries and blueberries I had as a snack last Monday–pretty sure my tongue and tummy smiled then.

All of these things bring me joy, both in the moment and when I reflect on them.

Are you getting enough joy? If you need more help finding your joy, check out the “joy generator app” from NPR.

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