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Finding What Matters Most

Why I intend to live my 60th year as though it’s my last (originally published on Medium) I’ve been plenty busy (procrastinating) building my health coaching business, which ebbs and flows as I…


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Activity Patterns

What MOVES you?! Whether you walk, jog, dance, HIIT, LIIT, yoga, lift, pull, step… I can help get you from wherever you are to where you want to go!

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Eating Patterns

All of my food choices and recipes are based in a Whole Food, Plant-based Eating Plan. You can further adapt it to meet your personal needs and enjoyment.

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Question of the Day

Questions for your reflection.

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The resources and information shared here are solely for informational purposes and aren’t intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or disease or provide any professional advice. Discuss any changes in your activity and eating patterns with your primary care physician prior to pursuing.